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We are a cost-effective alternative for attorneys and law firms that don’t have a full time estate and trust staff. Our experience in fiduciary accounting, tax compliance for estates and trusts, estate planning and administration and gift tax planning, makes us a valuable resource for your firm.

We can assist you behind the scenes with the estate planning process or serve as a key member of your estate and trust team. We’re available if you encounter a complex estate situation that requires expert tax planning and estate planning strategies. With our guidance and support, we’ll help you ensure your client is well protected.


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Business Valuations

We provide business valuation services to attorneys in situations involving family litigation, estate planning, buying or selling a business, family disputes, and more.

All Attorney Services

We work with many attorneys to provide guidance that compliments the work that you're doing on behalf of your client.

Estate Planning

We help build a comprehensive estate plan that matches your priorities and preserves and protects your assets in the event that you are incapacitated or die.

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